WASSP releases new W3P All-In-One Wireless Soultion

The New WASSP W3P makes it easy.

WASSP releases innovative new W3 integrated wireless unit for real-time tender mapping within a portable bracket mounted unit.

Global trailblazer in multibeam technology, WASSP has again come out with game changing innovation with their latest release, the WASSP W3P. Incorporating the successful WASSP technology for 3D real-time seafloor mapping with wireless transmission to a mothership, the W3P offers updated features in a sleek and portable integrated unit. The new product combines the convenience of a complete “all in one” system which will allow the technology to be quickly and easily deployed on a wide range of vessels and applications, while still providing the same high quality mapping data of the original W3 fixed mount system.



As WASSP has grown its W3 global customer base to over 50 superyachts utilizing its sought after wireless products, a demand for a portable option for existing tenders was needed to allow customers who want to easily utilise the WASSP wireless capabilities with minimal effort. Out of this the WASSP W3P was developed. The integrated solution, provides transducer, processor, transmitter, position sensors, wifi and bracket mounted pole in a fully contained and eye catching product. With a simple bracket mounted attachment, the W3P only requires a power connection to allow real-time 3D bathymetry mapping of the sea floor from a tender which can be transmitted back in real-time to a mothership at distances up to 2 Nm.


Previous versions of the W3 have been hailed as must-haves for superyachts, allowing captains and crew to get accurate real-time visualisations of the sea floor ensuring safe and accurate navigation, particularly in areas with poor navigational map data or after weather conditions that may have caused seafloor changes.



WASSP Product Manager Nick Fogarty believes the new W3P will offer unparalleled navigation to an even greater range of customers given the products simple and easy installation on virtually any vessel.

“The W3P is the culmination of 5 years of Kaizen product development. Feedback from our customers and dealers wanted an all in one solution, that was simple to retrofit, setup and be used across a variety of vessels. The ability to install the product and be mapping remote destinations safely in a matter of minutes was our goal, and we have achieved that”

With this new product release WASSP hopes to expand its global superyacht reach and enable more vessels to take advantage of the unique features allowing for easier and safer travel to even more unchartered regions of the globe. WASSP aims to empower customers to maximise their enjoyment on the world’s oceans and seas in ways that leverage the latest technology through simple and user-friendly systems.

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