WASSP releases Firmware updates for its W-Series Multibeam Sonar

WASSP Multibeam has announced the release of two new firmware updates, CDX 4.0 and DRX 6.0, for its W Series multibeam sonar systems designed to provide wireless communication between a superyacht and its tender.

These updates will add a number of new functions to WASSP systems currently in use and, in most cases, can be installed by the user free-of-charge.

The new Wireless License can now interface directly with the Time Zero on the mothership. With CDX this new license allows for two vessels to share (live via wireless connection) each other’s WASSP mapping, including 2D and 3D mapping and backscatter.

Data from outside wireless range, when updating, can now be monitored with a progress function, enabling crew on the mothership to confirm when all data has been transferred.

A new TVG has been added to give users the choice of 20 or 40, enabling concentration on large targets and the seafloor whilst filtering out smaller clutter or concentration on the full water column.

A new Multiresolution Database with automatic, depth-adjusted, best resolution mapping which can be used in all depths and to which existing databases can be uploaded.

A greatly improved mapping algorithm reduces Roll errors by using best data, both new and historic, and significantly enhances mapping and tracking in shallow water of less than 5m.

Aligned Water Column Targets in Sonar, Sounder, 2D and 3D mapping can now be displayed in the same colour according to TVG.

A video demonstrating the system updates is available here.

WASSP Multibeam screen imagery from the previous generation software
The new and improved WASSP Multibeam mapping from the new firmware update.
Gif file demonstrating the difference between the two generations of firmware.
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