F-Series User Stories – Trevor Burkart, Lobster, New Zealand

Trevor is so sold on the value of WASSP to his business that he’s just installed a fourth WASSP in the latest vessel in his fleet.

“WASSP and Navigator confirms all of the knowledge of your grounds that you’ve been fishing over the years. Not only does it confirm what you think is down there, but it gives you unparalleled visibility and enhanced detail… the system is just amazing.”

Trevor says that some of his favourite features of the WASSP Multibeam Sonar are the extremely accurate ground definition, hardness/softness discrimination, and the ability to change the depth colours while viewing and to adjust the colours and shading for contours and backscatter.

“The ability of Navigator to display all recorded maps at home to study and plan your fishing strategies with more fineness is brilliant. You can distinguish fish by type/size and distribution in the water column. It is giving me the ability to virtually swim down and see with a fishes-eye-view of the seascape below.

WASSP/Navigator has the ability to give us an exceptional view of the fishes world, in 3D and 2D, combined with the hardness, softness and textures of the environment. It gives me an unsurpassed feel for the undersea world in which our target species live.

Fishing is so much more enjoyable now with the magic of WASSP. It gives me so much advantage over every other fisherman around and I catch my quota very quickly. Managing our fish stocks responsibly is of prime importance to us all, WASSP is definitely another giant leap forward in the way we conduct our business.”

Trevor also thinks WASSP is extremely responsive to new ideas.

“Because of their openness to customer requests to cater for different fisheries, I’ve seen dramatic new system features added. With regular software updates, plus the introduction of WASSP Navigator, which has opened up new and exciting spheres of operation, that simply blows you away.

I can’t over emphasize the ‘wow’ factor of WASSP. As the saying goes, ‘Before I was Blind, but now I can See’ – it’s simple as that.”

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