F-Series user Stories – Dan Mccrae, Crayfish, New Zealand

In 2006, Dan McCrae was the first cray fisherman in New Zealand to install a WASSP. When he bought a second boat a few years later, the first thing he did was install a WASSP in that too.

“I decided to purchase the WASSP to gain an edge over other local fisherman and to update the technology on board my boat,” says McCrae.

Now two years on from having WASSP onboard his second vessel, McCrae says he is still blown away every day he uses it.

“The results WASSP gives me are literally something I used to dream about!”

“One of the biggest benefits we have experienced has been the huge savings in fuel. Individual pinnacles make up the majority of our ground and you can waste a lot of time and fuel searching for them”.

“The mapping continues to surprise me. Unless you get in the water yourself you are just second-guessing. Fishing in up to 65-odd metres, I would rather learn from the WASSP!”.

“For fishing unfamiliar ground and recording large areas of the seafloor the 3D screen works really well and the new Navigator software is brilliant. It means I can analyse data either when I’m steaming, or when I’m back at home that night. This is a must for building a database of your fishing grounds and having the most accurate information easily available at your fingertips”.

McRae says time is more precious than anything, with gear in extremely tidal conditions the WASSP gives you exact locations of foul grounds, minimising human error and allowing a safer and more consistent catch.

“I would not want to be a commercial fisherman without the WASSP!”

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